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Tradeshow Hacks Are Free!

Actually they are not free - they cost time. Plan them out, the amount of time can be small,

but they still costs. That is where Value comes into play.

What is the value of social media? Planning out your exhibit schedule? Following Up?

What is the cost of not following up?

What is the cost of having nobody manning your tradeshow booth during the hall hours?

What if, and just play along here - if you utilize multiple channels to let people know you are going? (Hack #1) What if you layout a plan so your tradeshow booth is manned 100% of the time the hall is open? (Hack #2) What if you set a metric that all leads are contacted within 5 business days and 1st meetings are within 30 days? (Hack #3) What if you plan ahead and plan out shirts, graphics and marketing materials for you booth? (Hack #4).

What is the value in that!?!

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