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Tradeshow Hack #1 Twitter Part 1.

You need to tell people you are going!

For events -> This means twitter. and twitter, and twitter.

For every event there is a @Twitter Handle and #Hashtag. Every Event is hosted by an organization. They have a @Twitter handle and #Hashtag as well. Guess what? If the hall is big enough -> It has a @Twitter handle and #Hashtag as well. The city the event is in? You Bet!

Is your brand known for the products and services and there is no way the #Marketing Gods will allow you access to the @Twitter handle for the company, service or product? Get an "event" handle for the company. Tie into the main marketing channels for your company, but you get to have fun with it! There is so many ways to slice this hack.

And once you start engaging - well there is a method to this madness as well. That's the next post!

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