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Tradeshow Hack #1

Tell people you are going.

Informing people about your trade show exhibit is crucial for maximizing your investment's return. Here’s a condensed overview of its importance and the tools you can use to communicate effectively.

Importance of Announcing Your Participation

- Attracts Visitors: Increases booth traffic, enhancing potential for leads and sales.

- Enhances Networking: Improves opportunities for business relationships and networking.

- Boosts Brand Visibility: Elevates your presence within the industry.

- Facilitates Product Launches: Generates interest and gathers an audience for new offerings.

- Enables Pre-Show Engagement: Tailors your exhibit to meet attendee expectations.

- Provides Competitive Advantage: Engages potential leads ahead of the event.

Communication Tools

- Email Marketing: Announce your participation with details on what visitors can expect.

- Social Media: Utilize platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram to share event-related content.

- Company Website: Feature event details prominently on your site.

- Press Releases: Inform industry publications about your participation and highlights.

- Digital Advertising: Reach a broader audience with targeted social media and Google Ads.

- Direct Mail: Send invitations or brochures to key contacts with a personal touch.

- Networking Platforms: Connect with attendees in advance through event apps.

- Blog Posts & Webinars: Share insights through blogs and engage with live sessions.

By using these strategies to announce your trade show exhibit, you can attract more visitors, enhance networking opportunities, and maximize your presence and impact at the event.


Exhibit Associates specializes in trade show #exhibit #design, offering custom booth solutions and innovative displays. Their expertise in tradeshow booth construction is enhanced by interactive exhibit technology, ensuring engaging and brand-focused designs. With a commitment to environmental sustainability, they provide modular and eco-friendly booth options. Their services cover everything from creative trade show displays and custom booths to effective trade show marketing and event branding solutions. They also handle tradeshow #logistics, booth rentals, lighting solutions, and virtual exhibits. Exhibit Associates excels in project management, ensuring seamless booth installation and crafting impactful exhibition designs and event marketing strategies.


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