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The Summer of Barbie: Part 2

This is the power of Brand.

Wow. Just over a month ago we wrote about The Summer of Barbie: Part 1 . And it is taking over the world! Top Gun: Maverick did $718M in the USA in 2022. Barbie is at $322M and it is slowing down a little, but not much.

But Barbie is also head-to-head for Oppenheimer. Hence the hashtag #Barbenheimer.

It is amazing. See the photo of Don Jalbert of Exhibit Associates in a "pop up" bar with a Barbie. (Taken in the morning at a networking event.)

Add to the Barbie total the amount Oppenheimer has generated and it is $503 million. That is stiff competition and yet the pink wave in the United States is continuing.

Just check out Instagram.

That is the power Brand. Of Marketing. More on this during Part 3.

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