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The Summer of Barbie: Part 1

There is a pink tidal wave coming. Marketers are paying attention.

That is if you can find the color pink: CNN Article about the shortage of Pink.

Vogue is covering the tidal wave: Barbiemania

Cosmopolitan, Elle and Bazaar magazine's are covering the pink wave as well.

So unless you are keeping your head in the sand, you know the movie is coming. But just how big will this movie be this summer? Is this the Top Gun: Maverick of 2023?

Or is Maverick the Barbie of 2022?

Even Forbes is covering this: Forbes Barbie Article

Someone who understands fashion more than I do pointed out the power of the ads in the Barbie Vogue. A+ List Celebs in every ad. Usually it's nameless models trying to make a name for themselves in the ads. But this Vogue is different. A lot of name recognition. A lot of marketing resources.

Coming to a theater near you this summer.

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