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The Letter

October 10, 2010. Almost 13 years ago this letter hit the New York Times.

Actually it would September 1965 when the letter was published. So 58 years ago?

Wouldn't we all love to do this when dumped by a large client? Exhibit Associates lost a client in early 2020 that was 30% of our business. It wasn't a good thing - but we dealt with it. And it prepped us for the pandemic lockdowns.

Now Don Draper didn't write it. SCDP doesn't exist. Don Draper doesn't exist. A room full of writers some where around 2009 wrote it, and re-wrote it to make it worthy of the show Mad Men. So this letter exists and wouldn't we all want to write it?

Clients come and go. People move around. A new CMO shows up and likes to work with another exhibit house - there goes the client. Or a marketing team member moves on to another company and likes the way Exhibit Associates does business and gives us a call. (We like that scenario!)

But it's fun to think about this letter, and the potential of doing this. Maybe one day.

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