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Let's Dance!

This morning in the "Crossing the Bridge" Friday Edition on @TikTok the subject was

following up at a tradeshow. It's a simple concept. The accountability falls to the sales team of the organization, were the tradeshow usually is a subset of the Marketing Department.

And that is the issue right there. Sales and Marketing have to "Dance" together to figure out the ROI. And then compare that to the ROI of other channels of Business Development.

Marketing plans the tradeshow, budgets the tradeshow and executes the tradeshow exhibit. The Sales Team mans the booth and is responsible for sales from the event - which justifies the ROI of the event.

Will Sales share the effort, and success of sales as a result the tradeshow?

How many pre-scheduled appointments in the tradeshow booth are set prior to the tradeshow? How much effort/grind was accomplished by the sales team pre-event?

After the show, how was the follow-up tracked with potential clients engaged with at the tradeshow?

How long is the typical sales cycle? How long are you as a company tracking the follow up? (Hint: It should be the same.)

It's easy to figure out the costs of a tradeshow. Do we know the costs of other channels of business development? How does one stack up against the other?

And there is the Dance.

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