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#LDT - 1st Business Day After Summer

Really that is what today is. Kids are in school, vacations are over, and now it is time to get to work.

The "watercooler" can be tempting with talks of NASCAR playoffs just

starting, college football under way, NFL about to start and baseball heading towards the playoffs. But the work is not going anywhere unless you "get after it."

And getting after it is where #LDT - Let's Do This comes from. It is actually a derivative of Tom Brady's #LFG - but I can't really right the "F" online in good conscience.

So I hope you are rested and ready to go. After all it is Tradeshow Season! #LDT


Exhibit Associates design builds and manages trade show booths corporate displays and museum exhibits for our clients. #trade #show #booth #exhibit #display #branding #marketing #brand #kansascity #kansas #missouri #YourBrandOurBusiness

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