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It's About Business

Updated: May 17, 2022

Tradeshows. All about business. The capturing of new business, and the maintaining of

current business.

Thinking about going to a tradeshow? Then go. At the least attend. Is you competitors there? Guess what they are there for.

The capturing of new business and the maintaining of current business. And guess where the new business comes from?

That's right. Your current business.

And guess where your new business comes from? Yup. Their current business.

Yes tradeshows are amazing. You see your industry in one setting. Your competitors, some partners, some vendors and some clients may be exhibiting. All looking for either new business, increasing brand awareness, networking and learning.

And if you are not there for you clients, networking with them educating them on your latest, then who are they learning from and networking with?

Tradeshows are about business. #LDT

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