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"Their success is related to standing out, not fitting wants to be the

needle in the haystack, not the haystack."

Don Draper, Creative Director, Sterling Cooper.

Fictional? Yes. True? Yes. One thing about Hollywood is they have great writers working there. The great thing about Exhibit Associates is we have great designers on our team. And we get to image what it is like to be the needle. To be that one thing that stands out. Our design team has won awards. Our designers execute on the vision of our clients - Your Vision. These are your projects that we get to ride along with.

Do we contribute? Yes. Do we guide? Yes. Do we know where we need to get to? Yes. But it is due to our great clients we get to execute on their vision by turning it into reality.

So if you are starting on this journey, start with us. Exhibit Associates is #MovingForward and with our new tools and technology you will not have to settle for being a haystack.

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