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Want a new Corporate Lobby to inspire clients, vendors and employees? Start with Design!

The beginning of every project begins with a vision of what our client wants. Through a process that consists of a lot of questions, and then questions about

the questions we as a team get to point where Exhibit Associates Designers can show the client something.

They are always wrong!***

Then the process gets to the next phase. The Designers take the feedback of the design that was based upon their input and make the changes. It's a process.

This is part of Design!

And then we get closer. Then closer. Then Closer. It's amazing when the concept, the rendering is signed off on. And then we move forward! To Fabrication.

Without design, there can be no production, no fabrication, no tradeshow, no new museum exhibit, no corporate display, and no new Corporate Lobby to inspire clients, vendors and employees.

It all starts with Design.

*** - Once the customer asked for 1 change, and then changed it back to the original design)

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