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Emergency Contact

 Text First: 816-695-5603

Text Second: 913-980-4166


Install & Dismantle The Exhibit Associates Way


That is our secret sauce.  Just as a 10,000 hour 747 Plane Captain uses a checklist for every take off, flight and landing, our experienced team uses a checklist for every I&D job here in Kansas City that Exhibit Associates takes on.

  • Pre-Show:  Getting the tools of the trade ready.  Items such as Allen wrenches both metric and standard, visqueen, carpet tape, a blade, measuring tape, etc.    And of course the ladder list.  etc, etc, etc.

  • Set: Take pictures, caution tape to keep others from taking a short cut through the booth.  Taking photos upon opening the crates.  Cleaning supplies for the "wipe down."  etc, etc, etc.

  • Strike: Shrink wrap, banding, packing tape, and of course pictures of the MHA form.  etc, etc, etc.  

If you want to see a copy of our checklists, just ask.   We do all this to make sure the I&D goes smoothly here in Kansas City!

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