Kansas City

I&D Team

Now when you or your client has a tradeshow or event in the Kansas City Area, you now have the best team for your installation and dismantle needs

We know the venues, we know the team that run the venues, & we know the rules of the venues.   This knowledge leads to a smooth running installation.

The Exhibit Associates Team knows Tradeshow Booths - We build them ourselves.   It is that type of expertise we provide that no other I&D firm in Kansas City offers.

The Exhibit Associates Fabrication Shop is only 3 miles from the largest tradeshow hall in the Kansas City Area - No other I&D firm in Kansas City offers that type of support.   The ability to respond to any need sets us apart.

From 10 footers to double deckers, the Exhibit Associates team has done it all.   Contact us today for the peace of mind you look for in an expereinced I&D Firm.

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Contact us today at, or 816-474-5333 or visit us  at

1540 Atlantic Avenue, North Kansas City, MO 64116

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